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Benny was there at the start of Big Finish, and I hope that she’ll be there right at the end. By that time Jason Haigh-Ellery’s country estate will have been turned into a retirement home. Benny will long ago have hung up her trowel, preferring instead to walk the halls. Matron Summerfield will do her rounds every evening. It will take some time, because there will be a lot of corridors. She’ll look in on the carefully-ordered Gary Russell wing, shake her head at the amazing noises coming from the Briggs Suite, and laugh at the gossip coming from the Richardson Lounge, where a group of actors are lingering over yet another amazing lunch (at Big Finish Towers, every meal is lunch). As she passes, a voice will be saying "Of course, the great thing about audio is that you can do anything." And she’ll nod. Because you can, and they did.
James Goss, producer, The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield (via thathalloweenguy)